We have been making hairdressing scissors by hand since 1963. Naruto scissors are produced one by one using highly skilled craftsmanship. Our craftsmen have an inherited expertise of more than 50 years. “Sharpening and Minute adjustments by our craftsmen” and “Our own structure of scissors” reflect on each pair of scissors. This creates the feature of Naruto scissors “Sharpness and a good cutting feeling that lasts longer”.



Mechanism and Structure

 Naruto scissors last longer

The important part which opens and closes scissors is called the contacting point (ride). Naruto scissors uses our original contacting pivot point called “Three-dimensional circular ride”.

Due to the special resin packing in the center of the Threedimensional circular ride, there is less friction between the packing and the blades. This reduces stress on your hand and the packing will not wear down the blades. So, Naruto scissors can be used for a long time.